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Government officials are preparing for a record number of migrants traveling to America. According to Fox News, a senior Homeland Security official confirmed that agencies are gearing up for the large number of undocumented immigrants who will claim asylum.

This confirmation comes as a Wall Street Journal Report cited an expected 178,000 families to enter the U.S. between the months of March and May. The previous year only 46,000 were apprehended during the same time frame.

Families are traveling from Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador via caravans. They are believed to be escaping extreme poverty and government instability.

The Wall Street Journal has continuously cited the number of arrests and apprehensions from the southern border. Just in the past five months a record-breaking 136,150 immigrants were arrested attempting to cross over. And an additional 22,000 claimed asylum at the border. This statistic has basically remained the same as the previous year.

Customs and Border Patrol continue to ask for resources to help the growing number of immigrants expected to cross, including a recent tweet highlighting the benefit of walls to secure the border.

What’s the biggest takeaway?

Government agents will have to prepare for the influx of undocumented immigrants expected to cross starting in March until the warmer months end.

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