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Last week, leaders from 150 companies called on the U.S. Senate to pass gun-control legislation to combat the American scourge of mass shooting and gun violence according to USA Today.

CEOs of major American corporations such as Uber’s Dara Khosrowshahi, Lyft’s Logan Green, Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, and Dick’s Sporting Goods, Edward Stack all signed a letter asking US Senators to step up because not doing anything is unacceptable.

The signed letter said, “Gun violence in America is not inevitable; it’s preventable. There are steps Congress can, and must, take to prevent and reduce gun violence. We need our lawmakers to support common-sense gun laws that could prevent tragedies like these.”

Less than a week later and just last night, Ryan Saavedra of the DailyWire broke the news in which Twitter officially suspended “Second Amendment Foundation (SAF)” or better known by their Twitter handle, “2AFDN” from their social platform. This suspension comes on the eve of their annual Gun Rights Policy Conference in Phoenix, Arizona.

This breaking news did not capture headlines right away, as the mainstream media has largely ignored this story. At the time of this news, CNN wrote on Canadian Prime Minister’s brown face incident in the early 2000s. Fox News’ headline was on an Ex-Obama campaign staffer mounting second primary challenge to Rep. Maloney. Lastly, the New York Times wrote about Justin Trudeau’s “brownface” incident as well.

However, one organization, The Truth About Guns reported the incident and even spoke with SAF founder Alan Gottlieb.

Gottlieb said, “We’re shocked. In all our years on Twitter, our account has never been suspended and we have no idea what we allegedly did to bring this about. It’s interesting that it’s happened right before the Gun Rights Policy Conference this weekend.”

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