Accuracy in Media

The Hill published an op-ed from AIM’s Carrie Sheffield calling out the media’s bias against President Donald Trump’s nominee for a trade post. An excerpt is below:

The national news headlines all too often blast President Trump and Republicans for supposedly eroding civic norms, yet Democrats get a free pass from mainstream journalists for their biased shortcomings that frays trust in government and ultimately trust in the media itself.

The latest case in point is the silence surrounding Republican Senator Robert Menendez, who was severely admonished at age 64 by the Senate Ethics Committee for serious ethics violations tied to a federal corruption indictment, blocking former Republican Representative Darrell Issa from serving as the next director of the Trade and Development Agency, allegedly because Issa used fake identification at age 17.

The lack of media outrage over the intransigence of Menendez against Issa, who is a successful entrepreneur with significant strengths that he can bring to the trade development role on behalf of the American people, is fitting with repeated and vitriolic personal attacks by both reporters and pundits alike, against not only President Trump, but those who serve the public in his administration. This damages the interests of all citizens in the name of media obstruction by liberals.

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