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It’s been a little more than a week since President Trump held a rally in El Paso, Texas.

For a president who is unpopular according to multiple statistics, he continues to attract his base and numerous others groups.

State by state, Make America Great Again-clad Trump supporters continue to show up in droves.

Just this week, in Florida, the president and first lady sold out another rally. At the rally, Trump repeatedly discussed the ongoing crisis in Venezuela and the southern border.

Many of these supporters are females, Hispanics, and millennials.

Trump campaign manager, Brad Parscale reported to Axios that an estimated 50 percent of the 300,000 individuals who registered for the El Paso rally were Democrats, 25 percent were swing voters, and 25 percent were Republicans.

Of the registrants, 70 percent were Hispanic, and two-thirds had only voted in two or fewer of the past four elections.

Jorge Herrera, 19, goes against every stereotype that Democrats have put forth. He grew up in El Paso, a city that borders Juarez, Mexico, and yet fully supports Trump. He’s a millennial, Hispanic, low-to-middle-income individual, and Trump has already secured his 2020 vote.

When asked about whether he supports the president on the southern border wall he said, “Yes, El Paso has changed because of the wall- more security, less drugs.”

The Ramirez family is no different when it comes to defying liberal stereotypes. Rod Ramirez, Sylvia Apodaca, and their daughters Julia and Sophia are your average working-class family.

They are also Hispanic, bilingual and call El Paso home. But they describe themselves as “Big Trump supporters” and support his wall.

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