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FROM THE BORDER – Fisher Sand and Gravel have offered to build 234 miles of the southern border wall for just $1.4 billion. In essence, the Tempe based company said it can build the wall under budget and in a quicker time frame. Fisher Industries proposal stated the 234 miles of wall needed can build in 16 months, compared to the five years its estimated to take, and the $8 billion the Trump administration is seeking.

On Wednesday at Fisher Industries in Arizona, White House officials watched a demonstration of how workers would install 30-foot steel bollards to build wall sections.

Washington Examiner’s Anna Giaritelli reported the panels were 56 feet long and 18 feet tall, each with a steel weight of 25,000 pounds.

Fisher Industries CEO Tommy Fisher told the Examiner he can build the wall with paved roads, border patrol technology, and warranty for the proposed amount. Fisher Industries first made their name known with White House officials as one of the first companies to design a prototype wall for President Trump over a year ago.

“I think that President Trump would be very impressed with what we have to offer,” Fisher said yesterday.

Unlike other construction companies, Fisher Industries has a “special hanging system attached to an excavator” that can place seven panels at once. Because multiple excavators are moving simultaneously, Fisher will be able to complete a mile of fence per day.

Fisher believes the project will be a success because of the support from the White House and agents.

“And the biggest thing is I think you’d have a lot of support from the agents. Because when they go from walking on the ground to riding horseback, four-wheeler, their lives are put in danger somewhat. We give them the upper hand to be more humane, have a roadway to patrol a little bit better,” he said.

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