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President Trump named Mark Morgan the United States’ newest Immigration and Customs Enforcement director. While the president’s nominee awaits an appointment process through the U.S. Senate, Matt Albence serves as acting director.

With Republican members holding the majority of the Senate, the confirmation process may be even easier considering Morgan’s work in the Obama administration. However, many aren’t in question of how long the appointee’s confirmation will take, but rather what qualifies him and who he is.

Upon Trump’s inauguration, Morgan resigned his duties after being asked to by the new administration. The president withdrew the agency’s acting director’s nomination for the position citing he wanted someone tougher. Soon after, President Trump announced in early May the tougher candidate was Mark Morgan.

Morgan, who once served in the Marines and as an FBI agent, also once led the international department at U.S. Customs and Border Patrol. After a stint in performing international work, he was called on to serve as Chief of the United States Border Patrol and took office during the final months of the Obama administration.

Morgan has been a continuous supporter of the border wall and Trump’s efforts to defeating the illegal immigration crisis we have in America today. He also delivered a full forced message to CNN stating Trump “had no choice” but to declare a national emergency.

From family separation issues to the drug and humanitarian crisis on the border, if confirmed by the Senate, Morgan will face topics that Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen had trouble addressing.

Marissa Martinez is a political contributor for Accuracy in Media. She is the former political director to Massachusetts Governor’s re-election campaign, alumna of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and political consultant to national PACs. Follow her stories, @MarissaAlisa.


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