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Highlighting the Biden campaign’s continued woes in polling and in fundraising, a recent poll demonstrated the tenuous state of the former vice president’s campaign in the Democratic Party presidential primary race. In a Harvard-Harris poll, a hypothetical matchup between Biden and former Democratic Party presidential nominee Hillary Clinton would result in a one percentage point lead for Biden over Clinton 19 percent-18 percent.

However, this hypothetical poll matchup was ignored by the mainstream media. The Washington Examiner, a right-leaning media outlet, reported on the poll and implications of the poll’s findings. The Daily Wire, another right-leaning outlet, and the Daily Mail also reported on the poll’s findings. Yet no mainstream media outlet published an article on the poll.

Although the poll’s findings fell within the standard error, it was a warning sign for Biden’s campaign. Already, his campaign ramped up fundraisers to boost flagging fundraising numbers and chose scheduling fundraisers over campaign events in Iowa, which is the first primary state next February.

To add context to standard error for the poll results, the findings meant that this potential race would be too close to call if two top candidates are within two to four percentage points of one another.

Democratic Party activists, lawmakers, and strategists have told the mainstream media that they are mostly unenthusiastic of another Clinton presidential campaign. But Clinton has spurred further speculation during her book tour for her latest book, “The Book of Gutsy Women,” and many of her former campaign staffers have indicated she was floating the idea of running again.

The mainstream media’s decision to overlook the poll illustrated the media’s “Catch-22” situation, which is to either report on news that could further derail the Biden campaign, or ignore it to help the Biden campaign.

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