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With special counsel Robert Mueller holding a press conference Wednesday to discuss the infamous Mueller Report, expect to see the mainstream media obsessing over every single word Mueller said.

Expect lots of news stories that ignore the facts – especially that after almost two years of investigating, Mueller found no collusion on the part of the President – and instead misrepresented the facts in order to fit their own narrative.  

Never mind that the Mueller Report makes it clear there was no collusion. Never mind that Mueller had almost two years to find something and found nothing. Never mind that the Department of Justice has determined this matter has been thoroughly investigated and is now considered closed. 

The media will use this press conference as an excuse to write another series of articles calling into question the investigation – the same investigation they championed when they thought it would hurt President Donald Trump. 

While the national media continues to obsess over Mueller, most are ignoring the real news of the day, including a new poll from Monmouth University showing that public support for tariffs and the trade war are waning. 

“The latest Monmouth University Poll also finds that a majority expects that American consumers will bear the brunt of the latest round of tariffs on Chinese goods and they are not particularly hopeful that this policy will bring the manufacture of those goods back to U.S. soil,” the Monmouth report said. 

 Monmouth goes on to repeat what some within the president’s inner circle have admitted. 

“Most Americans (62 percent) feel that U.S. consumers will bear the brunt of paying for new tariffs on Chinese goods,” Monmouth reports. “Just 23 percent say that Chinese producers will bear more of these costs. Likewise, 62 percent believe it is very likely that American companies which sell goods or use materials made in China will simply pass those costs onto domestic consumers. Another 24 percent say this is somewhat likely to happen and just 8 percent feel it is not likely.”

 Even more concerning for the president’s re-election, less than half (46 percent) of Republicans believe the tariffs are actually helping the U.S. economy. 

The poll follows some recent reports that show the president’s support among farmers is also waning – due mainly to the trade war. The National Corn Growers Association reported the president’s latest round of tariffs “could not have come at a worse time for corn farmers.”

Even more troubling are new reports coming out about increases in suicides among farmers who have been put out of business by the tariffs. 

“It’s definitely starting to get dire out here in rural America,” Wisconsin farmer Bill Gordon told CNN’s Erin Burnett. “We’ve seen a definite increase in suicide rates and depression in farmers in the United States, especially up in the Midwest.”

Trump’s talk on trade helped him win some of those Midwest states in 2016 like Pennsylvania, Ohio and Gordon’s home state of Wisconsin. But with these new numbers coming out, the Trump campaign will likely be reconsidering whether that same message will work again in 2020.

The poll was released at an interesting time as Republican National Committee members hold a meeting in Washington, D.C. this week. These party leaders will certainly be discussing the 2020 campaign and how to best get Trump re-elected, and this poll will likely also give them pause and may encourage them to rethink what the best message is on trade moving forward.

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