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Despite the wall-to-wall media coverage of the Democratic Party’s push for the impeachment of President Donald Trump, an NBC News-Wall Street Journal poll found that almost half of Americans do not want to impeach Trump nor remove him from office.

The joint poll was conducted after the House Democrats opened a formal impeachment inquiry into Trump’s alleged interference in Ukrainian affairs by asking the Ukrainian president to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden — a potential 2020 Democratic Party challenger to Trump — and his son Hunter.

The poll found 49 percent of Americans did not want impeachment or removal of Trump from office, with 43 percent approving of impeachment and his removal from office. Eight percent of respondents said they were “not sure” about impeachment or removal from office.

This poll seemingly douses the fires of impeachment because the poll was conducted after the impeachment inquiry was begun in the House of Representatives and the news that the Trump White House released the transcription memo of Trump’s phone call with Ukraine’s president. NBC News added that two other important pieces of news came out before the survey, such as the news about the whistleblower complaint and the publication of a text-message conversation about Ukraine among U.S. diplomats.

Meaning, that despite the news about the Trump-Ukraine phone call being made public and details made known to the public, American public opinion on impeachment did not budge.

The poll’s findings reiterated that Americans are not quick to judge and move towards impeachment. Considering impeachment has only been done twice in American presidential history, it is a major political move. The mainstream media neglected to take it into account in their reporting, instead, they relied on hype and sensationalism to determine their news coverage.

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