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America’s national debt is the highest it’s ever been at $22 trillion.

Government spending is out of control and has been for decades. Americans are fed up with how our elected officials are spending taxes from our hard-earned paychecks. It’s no secret that Congress’s spending habits must be curbed and quickly, especially after the Democrats took control of the House this year.

Since taking office, President Donald Trump has been aggressively reining in reckless government spending. Just last week, Trump released his 2020 budget proposal, which makes significant cuts to domestic spending programs and has strengthened the work requirements for welfare programs.

Trump has remained steadfast in his goal to reduce government spending, but it’s not just the federal government we need to worry about. State and local governments are incurring massive amounts of debt that will eventually be felt by hardworking taxpayers. The top three cities with the highest taxpayer burdens are Chicago, New York City, and Los Angeles and it’s not a coincidence that members of the Democratic Party represent all three cities.

Currently, California has over a trillion dollars in debt, however, that has not stopped a local government from throwing money at a project despite protests and backlash.

Los Angeles County has begun construction on Section 2 of LA Metro’s Purple Line that will run from downtown LA to Century City. The project is expected to cost California taxpayers $400 million more in additional funding than originally planned. Furthermore, the train will detour from the public right of way, tunnel under residential property and go underneath Beverly Hills High School.

Not only is Section 2 of the Purple Line costly, but the current alignment looks nothing like the original proposal presented to the local community of Beverly Hills. The construction of Section 2 was moved only 800 feet from the public right of way but now will run through an unmapped oil field with large pockets of deadly methane and hydrogen sulfide gases. This same oil field lies beneath the high school that the subway will go under – not a safe route by any stretch. In fact, the construction of this section is putting the lives of students and teachers at risk. It’s no wonder LA Metro was sued multiple times by the Beverly Hills Unified School District.

In addition, heavy construction for Section 2 of the Purple Line will take place at the fence line of the school, forcing students and staff to breathe diesel truck particles, dust, pollution, and other toxins, for seven years. Noise and vibration from the construction will cause students’ education to suffer.  

Thankfully, one of California’s conservative champions, Lisa Korbatov, who formerly served as the Beverly Hill’s School Board President, had helped to lead the efforts to push back against this wasteful spending project, with the Stop the Purple Line Threat campaign.

Korbatov and the Stop the Purple Line Threat campaign have reason to be optimistic about their past efforts on this, given that the Trump Administration has rightfully vetoed similar projects in the past and can pull federal funding for the Section 2 Purple Line project as well.

Just last week, the Federal Railroad Administration pulled nearly a billion dollars from a project to fund a high-speed passenger train connecting San Francisco and Los Angeles. The Trump Administration accurately pointed to the fact that California “abandoned its original vision of a high-speed passenger rail service…essential to its applications for FRA grant funding.”

Despite what many might inaccurately claim, particularly among members of the press, President Trump’s actions clearly show a determination to cut the government’s wasteful spending habits. He set a precedent when he pulled funding from California’s proposed high-speed rail line. Hopefully, he will recognize the burden, wastefulness, and danger of LA Metro’s Section 2 and take action to pull government funding from the Purple Line Section 2.

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