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EL PASO – A report released by the U.S. Border Patrol stated it had taken into custody more than 700 illegal immigrants late Tuesday and Wednesday.

The Border Patrol said two convicted sex offenders were identified in the group. One of the convicted sex offenders was escaping a federal warrant and is an outspoken prison gang member. Border Patrol confirmed the second individual was sent to the U.S. marshals.

The groups attempted to enter the U.S. between the Union Depot area and Yarbrough.

CBP spokesman Joe Romero said that cartels are helping coordinate the timing and location of migrants turning themselves in along the border. This is because the sex offenders attempting to come into the U.S. did so when border patrol agents were preoccupied with processing other migrant groups.

They’re using these individuals to try to coordinate movements and try to get our agents to create gaps in the coverage, and that way, they can try to exploit those gaps for the criminal aliens,” Romero said.

“We’re talking about the felons – the wanted individuals, the pedophiles, the rapists, the murderers. They are trying to smuggle them past our agents by inundating them with groups like this.”

Federal agents also said the “influx of migrants” is a diversion tactic used by drug smugglers.

Because of the large number of migrants attempting to come into the U.S., the CBP plans on building a Centralized Processing Center in El Paso.

There was only one two-year-old traveling unaccompanied. In a statement, the Border Patrol said they are communicating with international agencies to track down the child’s parents. The rest of the group were migrants mostly from Central America — Guatemala, Honduras, and Brazil — juveniles traveling alone, and families.

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