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A drug bust of 67 pounds of methamphetamine over a 48-hour period in Dinuba, California, has been linked to a cartel out of Michoacán, Mexico, according to DEA Chief Jerry Dyer and Chris Coleman.

In a news conference on Friday, authorities said this meth seizure is the biggest by Fresno police.

Three individuals were taken into custody on Thursday after a narcotics team and their K-9 unit found 11 pounds of meth hidden in the car’s wheel well. The three men are from Michoacán area and had lived in the area for approximately two years.

The narcotics team was able to link those individuals and the drug to trailer area in Dinuba, California. In the trailer area, the narcotics team seized the rest of the 56 pounds of meth, Glock handgun, hundreds of rounds of military rifle ammunition, and an additional three pounds of cocaine.

According to ABC 30, meth remains the drug of choice and one of the biggest sources of crime in Fresno.

“It drives the violence in our communities, it fuels the gang violence and removing this amount of narcotics from our streets is significant,” Dyer said.

Two individuals on the trailer court scene were arrested with ties to a Michoacán cartel. In Michoacán, there are several cartels fighting for control. Two of the biggest are the Sinaloa Cartel and the New Generation Jalisco Cartel.

Michoacán  – Where The Drugs Come From

The drug busts in small farming towns like Dinuba along the 1-5 in California have a source. Authorities in the San Joaquin Valley have been able to trace many of those drugs to origins to Mexico.

In the Tierra Caliente mountain region an ongoing war for local dominance between Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generacion (CJNG) and Los Viagras (a Sinaloa Cartel friendly). Local police and authorities have not intervened, instead, letting the cartels take one another out.

In the rival clash, three innocent were taken in Morelia, Michoacán just two weeks ago.

Despite officials’ claims that the region is safe, there have been numerous violent incidents. In February, eight cartel gunmen and an army officer died as authorities were on the heels of capturing a top leader of Los Viagras Cartel. 

The almost captured Sierra Santana is the brother of Nicolas “El Gordo” Sierra Santana. El Gordo is the top leader of “La Nueva Familia Michoacána” or Los Viagras Cartel, and a top drug mover who publicly claimed he colluded with state Gov. Silvano Aureoles Conejo for his election.

Last March, El Gordo said the Michoacán’s governor paid him $1 million pesos for votes and then offered another deal of $10 million pesos for peace and safety in the region. El Gordo turned down the governor’s second offer, which has led to a tense battle for [El Gordo’s] execution.

The relationship between politicians, violence, and drug lords is nothing new in Mexico. When all three are combined they will continue to have lasting effects into place like Dinuba, California.

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