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SAN DIEGO – U.S. Customs and Border Protection told reporters that eight border wall prototypes in Otay Mesa will come down so that a second barrier can be built behind the main wall.

In December 2018, the Army Corps of Engineers received the green light on the project. 

In 2017, six companies built eight prototypes displaying their best take on what a new border should look like. The companies are: Companies that build solid concrete walls were: Fisher Sand & Gravel, Texas Sterling Construction Company, Caddell Construction Company, W.G. Yates, and Sons Construction Company.

Caddell, Yates, KWR Construction, Inc., and ELTA North America instead will build wall prototypes using alternate materials.

The Washington Examiner reported that each wall construction costs approximately $350,000 to $500,000. Each prototype had a height of 30 feet and is 25 feet wide.

Officials spent approximately 30 to 60 days evaluating and judging each wall. Each prototype was judged based on its ability to stop individuals from climbing over, digging under, and breaching thorough them.

The Tijuana/San Diego border is unique from its neighboring states (New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas) in that it has a double wall running along the two states.

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