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FROM THE BORDER Apprehensions are at an all-time high, and on Wednesday, the head of U.S. Customs and Border Protection declared a “full-blown” emergency at the U.S.-Mexico border as apprehensions in May soared to the highest the agency has seen in a decade.

On Wednesday, CNN published an article stating the facts – more than 144,000 migrants were encountered or arrested at the southern border in May. That’s a 32 percent increase over April, and is the highest in 13 years, according to the CBP. Since 2006, the number of apprehensions in this year is expected to reach an all-time high.

“We are in a full-blown emergency, and I can’t say this stronger: the system is broken,” said CBP commissioner John Sanders to the press via conference call.

Other media outlets were forced to report the statistics, confirming that there is indeed an issue at the southern border. This echoes the concerns the Trump administration, border officials, and CBP have had for months.


  • The Daily Mail reported that “More than 133,000 illegal migrants were caught crossing in May and 56,000 unaccompanied children has been stopped since October.”
  • NBC News reported there is a “Record number of undocumented immigrants flood the southern border in May.”
  • CBS reported “Border apprehensions of migrant families and children continue to skyrocket in May.”
  • BuzzFeed News failed to report the numbers in an accurate manner and instead went with a piece titled, “The goFundMe Border Wall Is Finished. It’s not Stopping Migrants…”

These headlines were not front and center in the press when President Donald Trump declared a national emergency and asked for Congress to come to the table with bipartisan support.

This week, Democrats in Washington along with seven Republicans responded to the crisis by voting on an amnesty bill with zero border security/asylum system reforms. The final amnesty bill vote was 237-187.

The agency said it has encountered 182 large groups, and that they expect to continue to see an increase in apprehending these groups of more than 100 individuals.
Ports of entry will be vulnerable in addition to stretches of land with no border wall. The city of Yuma remains to be the only city that has declared a state of emergency (in April).

CBP graphic

Border patrol officials anticipate other cities will need to declare a state of emergency as they run out of resources.

Marissa Martinez is a political contributor for Accuracy in Media. She is the former political director to Massachusetts Governor’s re-election campaign, alumna of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and political consultant to national PACs. Follow her stories, @MarissaAlisa.


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