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Southern Border – U.S. Rep. Adam Kinzinger, representing Illinois’ 16th district has been deployed to the border several times as a member of the Air National Guard.

Kinzinger explained to Washington Examiner’s Anna Giaritelli on February 28 that “There were a lot more drugs. You’d see people drop bundles.”

Not only have drugs remained an issue, but human trafficking into our country has become prevalent as well.

Kinzinger told Giaritelli, “What I saw was a lot more evidence of human trafficking.

“I saw a lot more people run than I’ve ever seen, which is interesting. Two out of five times when Border Patrol comes up on a group, they surrender.”

The Illinois Representative is a credible source as he hasn’t always sided Trump. For instance, he quote-tweeted the president’s tweet and shared his honest opinion, asking Trump to “retract the whole Helsinki press conference, and reassess your views of allies and enemies.”

After serving at the southern border and seeing even more human trafficking and drug dumping/smuggling than before, Kinzinger rightfully advocates for stronger border security to keep our country safe.

Photo by Hudson Institute

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