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Originally published at WVXU
Commentary: Accuracy in Media pulls a stunt in Ohio to muddy the waters on Critical Race Theory
Howard Wilkinson | February 1, 2023

You’ve probably been reading and hearing lately about a right-wing organization called Accuracy in Media running clandestine sting operations in Ohio school districts.

They’re trying to get school administrators — in Columbus, in Cincinnati, in Mason, in Dayton — to admit, while being videotaped surreptitiously, that they are teaching unwitting students Critical Race Theory, an amorphous concept that can be used to describe pretty much whatever you want it to mean.

Accuracy in Media’s secret agents set up meetings with school administrators where they pose as parents interested in moving into the district.

The most these fraudulent “parents” can get out of the educators is that if the Ohio General Assembly outlawed teaching concepts concerning social justice, they’d just go ahead and do what they are doing and call it something else.

Sounds like a good plan.

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