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Originally published at The Ohio Star
Ohio School Administrators Admit to Sneaking Critical Race Theory into Schools
Hannah Poling | January 17, 2023

According to Matthew Boaz, executive director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Upper Arlington, Ohio, they will teach what they want regardless of any potential legislation.

“There is more than one way to skin a cat. If you pass a bill banning Critical Race Theory, but if you don’t cover programming and extracurricular activities, the message will still get out there. Oops,” Boaz said.

Boaz continued to explain that when a parent comes up to him with concern regarding a controversial topic rather than laying out the details of what’s going on he only discusses one facet emphasizing the focus on supporting the students.

“They are not going to be supportive if I lay out everything we are going to do. But if I talk to them about doing one thing in the name of supporting students, they probably won’t have an issue with this thing. By the time we get that thing established, if I start talking to them about some other thing they don’t realize that it was two things. They just realize that we are moving from where we are to where we are going but we are not going here because that would be liberal. In five years they look back and are like what the hell happened,” Boaz said.

Boaz also noted that when a parent asks if CRT is part of the curriculum if they say “no” the problem goes away.

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