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Originally published at The Ohio Star
Ohio Residents Demand Dismissal of Assistant Principal for Critical Race Theory Indoctrination in Classrooms
Hannah Poling | January 26, 2023

Mason, Ohio residents are speaking out and demanding the dismissal of Mason City Schools Assistant Principal Vivian Alvarez following Accuracy in Media‘s undercover investigation that revealed school administrators in Cincinnati, Ohio have admitted to covertly indoctrinating students with Critical Race Theory (CRT) in the classrooms.

According to Alvarez, she wouldn’t be concerned if the legislation prohibiting CRT in schools were to pass as the local government allegedly supports CRT indoctrination.

“It’s a local decision so he (Governor DeWine) can pass it just like anything else that he passes. But it’s up to the local government which is our governing board to decide. So even if they did that Critical Race Theory ban locally they (the board) would be like eh not for us,” Alvarez said.

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