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Wisconsin school board president dismisses parents’ concern over curriculum, blames ‘far right-wing groups’
August 24, 2022

LODI, Wisc. (TND) — During a school board meeting discussing a potential name change for the School District of Lodi’s “social-emotional learning” curriculum, the board’s president said he didn’t want to make the change just because the term has been “co-opted by far right-wing groups.”

Some states have passed legislation banning instruction of any race or sex stereotyping and scapegoating in schools. In Iowa, state law defines such “stereotyping” as assigning “character traits, values, moral and ethical codes, privileges, status or beliefs to a race or sex,” or to an individual on the basis of their race or sex.

However, despite these laws, many schools are continuing to find ways to push critical race theory, sometimes simply by changing the language by which it is called.

“These administrators in Iowa are incredibly brazen and incredibly devoted to making sure that your children learn the racist, Marxist tenets of Critical Race Theory,” Accuracy in Media President Adam Guillette says. “Of course, they don’t want to call it Critical Race Theory. They don’t even want to call it Social and Emotional Learning anymore. They’ve simply just changed the label and kept the same content in an effort to make sure that parents don’t know what their children are learning.”

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