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Originally published at the Ottumwa Courier
Iowa GOP: All eyes on Wapello
By Kyle Ocker – April 22, 2022

As Republicans look to take control of the U.S. Congress, and expand their hold at the Iowa Capitol, Wapello County may play a decisive role.

Current state legislators also promised action after a video of some school administrations circulated social media, from Accuracy in Media, a conservative non-profit watchdog group.

Many Des Moines-area administrators were featured in the edited video seeming to signal they were working around curriculum restrictions imposed by the Iowa Legislature and signed into law by Gov. Kim Reynolds.

Westrich said, “[The legislation] stops schools from teaching divisive topics — critical race theory, all the craziness that is the 1619 project, and the LGBTQ-all those letters that some of us don’t even know what they all mean. … Now we’ll have to go back, and we’ll have to put teeth in this bill … because they don’t want to listen to Iowans.”

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