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You wouldn’t know it from my last name, my tan skin, my North Florida address, or my politics, but I am a Jew. A northeastern Jew, in fact. I not only had a Bar Mitzvah but continued to attend Hebrew School afterward.

And while I’d never move back up north, and seldom attend synagogue, I still feel a tremendous sense of pride while watching the Orthodox Jews of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, rebel against their tinpot dictator-mayor. Williamsburg has long been home to Jewish immigrants, including my grandparents and my mother. That’s right, they had a hipster address before it was cool. However, my pride is not based on our tenuous shared geographical connection but instead from our cultural history of rebellion.

For those not following along at home, Mayor Bill de Blasio holds a personal grudge against these rebellious Jews. Many Orthodox Jews continued to hold gatherings during the NYC lockdown. When Orthodox Jews held a public funeral, de Blasio threatened to arrest them.

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