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Originally published at All Israel News
Hitler display on truck was meant to push back against Berkeley’s ‘Jewish free zones’
By Tal Heinrich | October 22, 2022

The University of California, Berkeley, has emerged as a flashpoint on the topic of anti-Semitism in recent weeks, as nine student groups voted to adopt a rule forbidding pro-Israel speakers at campus events.

The anti-Israel sentiment gaining ground at the famously liberal university saw kickback, however, when a truck displaying images of Adolf Hitler drove through campus aiming to highlight the anti-Semitism on campus. The provocative image panels of Hitler giving the Nazi salute display in writing: “All in favor of banning Jews, raise your right hand.”

Conservative nonprofit Accuracy in Media sponsored the campaign three weeks after UC Berkeley School of Law was accused of creating “Jewish-free zones.” Nine student groups had adopted a resolution drafted by the Berkeley Law Students for Justice in Palestine group to ban pro-Israel speakers.

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