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Originally published at Daily Citizen – Focus on the Family
What’s Happening in Schools? Why We Need Educational Freedom
Jeff Johnston | February 22, 2023

We know that there are good teachers and good schools out there. Many teachers are Christians – they go into the profession because they love God, love children, are passionate about their subject matter and have a gift for helping children learn.

Many do excellent work, and I’m thankful for the great teachers my children had and the good schools they attended.

But at the same time, I’m very aware that our education system has serious problems. The news is filled with stories about bad things happening in public schools – and some private – across the country.

It really feels overwhelming and like we’ve reached an urgent tipping point: Parents must have educational freedom – to give their children better opportunities to learn and grow, to protect them from chaotic classroom environments and underperforming schools, and to safeguard them against radical and sexual ideologies.

Here are just a few examples of problems in education that have been reported by news outlets. They illustrate why parents need school choice and educational freedom.

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