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Amid bitter culture wars, US educators continue to push critical race theory, neo-segregation
Just the News staff | February 19, 2023

The school culture wars are not going away.

A major flashpoint in the broader U.S. political debate of the last several years, schools have lately been the focus of intense protests as parents and activists have sought to roll back extremist education programs and pedagogies such as critical race theory and other left-wing curriculums.

Media attention to these issues has waned in recent months, particularly after a string of conservative victories in local school board elections around the country in 2022.

Yet schools are nevertheless continuing to push these progressive initiatives on students and administrators, indicating that — sustained backlash notwithstanding — liberal dominance of education remains essentially unchanged in many, if not most, districts around the U.S.

Those ideological biases are not limited to school districts in traditionally blue states. A major exposé in Texas this week revealed school administrators and faculty openly admitting to flouting laws that ban extremist left-wing ideology being inculcated in school.

An investigation by the advocacy group Accuracy in Media caught multiple officials on camera claiming that they have ignored the state ban on critical race theory in schools signed by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott in 2021.

“We do not follow much of, like, what Abbott is trying to get us to do,” one instructor in the Dallas-area school district of Edgewood stated.

“We’ve gotten around it by saying, ‘Well, we’re just not teaching that,'” a science teacher in another district says in the video.

“I think we just fly under the radar,” a third says at one point.

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