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Originally published at The Federalist
Videos Expose Educators Ignoring State Laws Banning CRT In Schools: ‘We Don’t Really Let Anybody Tell Us What To Do’
By Shawn Fleetwood – March 31, 2022

Schools in Republican-led states are skirting laws banning critical race theory (CRT) in public education, according to new investigative footage.

Released by Accuracy in Media (AIM), the videos show multiple school officials in Idaho discussing how the principles associated with the neo-Marxist ideology can be taught to students without officially being labeled as critical race theory, despite state law outlawing the teaching of ideas aligned with CRT by public educators.

While speaking with Mark Jones of the Boise School District, for instance, AIM President Adam Guillette asked whether educators could teach “tenets … associated with [CRT], but under the guise of equity or something else,” to which Jones affirmed and further explained that “part of [the district’s] strategic plan deals with equity.”

“And I bet the idiot MAGA crowd just ignores it because it doesn’t have the ‘critical race theory’ name on it, right?” Guillette continued.

“I hope so. I hope so,” Jones replied with a laugh.

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Photo: US Department of Education – Flickr account departmentofed

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