Accuracy in Media

It’s the greatest story never told.

Four and a half million people lost their lives. Most major economies lost more than 4.5% of their GDPs. And nearly every human being on this planet has lost a significant degree of freedom. Naturally, the most important question is why? What caused the pandemic that upended our world?

And while any death is a tragedy, one of the greatest losses in this pandemic has been something previously considered to be universal: the death of objective truth. For nearly a year, anyone who used social media to suggest that the virus originated in a lab was down-ranked, shadow banned, or blocked on social media. You see, that “truth” wasn’t consistent with how Big Tech viewed the world.

Only when that possibility was accepted by the federal government did it become an idea Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey would let us freely discuss in their marketplaces of ideas.

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