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Originally published at The Jewish News of Northern California
Family homes of Berkeley Law students targeted by conservative media group
By Gabe Stutman | January 17, 2023

The conservative watchdog group Accuracy in Media, whose motto is “On the front lines of the culture war,” recently escalated its attacks on Berkeley Law students who supported bans on Zionist speakers — taking the fight to their family homes in another state.

AIM’s president, Adam Guillette, told J. in October that his organization is motivated by growing antisemitism on college campuses, which he called “exceptionally disturbing.” Guillette also conducted on-the-scene interviews with Berkeley students, which he published on YouTube.

“Students are always proud to promote their radical views on campus, but when Accuracy in Media exposes them, they don’t want their view publicized,” Guillette wrote in a Jan. 9 tweet. “Funny — that’s not how it works!”

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