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Originally published at The Washington Times
Trump is right: Let parents fire principals
Joseph R. Murray II | January 31, 2023

The principal establishes the culture of the school, the culture kids are exposed to for up to 180 days of the year. Children are impressionable and take notice of what is highlighted in their school.

Does the principal seek to create a culture of American exceptionalism, or does the principal seek to create a culture in which diversity and equity cloak anti-Americanism? Are principals respecting critical race theory laws, or are they trying to circumvent the rule of law (and the will of the parents) to push an agenda?

Accuracy in Media just went undercover and talked to scores of educators about teaching critical race theory even if a law banning it is in place. The response?

“You can pass a bill that you can’t teach critical race theory in a classroom, but if you didn’t cover programming or you didn’t cover extracurricular activities or anything like that, that message might still get out,” a top-ranking Ohio educator told AIM investigators on hidden camera video. Another educator quipped that schools just “trick [parents].”

If a principal is doing this, why shouldn’t the real boss (the parents, not the school board) be able to fire him or her?

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