Accuracy in Media

I Received the Vaccine…and a Lecture

“You better put on your mask or you’ll catch COVID and die!” This wasn’t said to me in jest, nor was it said to me indoors. This is what a grown woman told me while I was on a sidewalk in Massachusetts. The saddest part is that the woman clearly believed what she said. Never […]

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The Left-Wing Media is Right

The violence in Portland is indeed localized to a few blocks in the city center. But that only tells part of the story. The rest of Portland is hardly a utopia. Families do not feel safe to walk around at night. Even if they were safe, their shoes might not survive the human feces. And […]

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Cherry-picking COVID stats

While the United States deals with a continued pandemic, it is also battling misinformation about the virus. The United Nations secretary-general himself said that “journalists are key to countering the ‘dangerous outbreak of misinformation’ accompanying the COVID-19 pandemic.” But journalists across American mainstream media have repeatedly added to the misinformation. These journalists have devoted dozens […]

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Adam Guillette on Blunt Force Truth

AIM President Adam Guillette joined Chuck Woolery and Mark Young on their podcast, Blunt Force Truth, to discuss the proposed bailout for large media companies as well how the media is dividing out nation, the danger of online news sites, among other topics. Listen here or here:  

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September 2020

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August 2020

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July 2020

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June 2020

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May 2020

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April 2020

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March 2020

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February 2020

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January 2020

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December 2019

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November 2019

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