Accuracy in Media

Jews Push Back

You wouldn’t know it from my last name, my tan skin, my North Florida address, or my politics, but I am a Jew. A northeastern Jew, in fact. I not only had a Bar Mitzvah but continued to attend Hebrew School afterward. And while I’d never move back up north, and seldom attend synagogue, I […]

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Too biased to fail?

If Lenin said that capitalists “will sell us the rope we use to hang them,” newspapers are saying that conservatives will fund the ink they use to smear them. Bipartisan majorities in both houses of Congress have now signed on for a proposed media bailout. This isn’t a bailout for smaller newspapers and television stations. […]

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Adam Guillette on The Ingraham Angle

AIM President Adam Guillette joined Laura Ingraham to discuss the worst media bias offenders of the week, including media coverage of President Trump’s COVID-19 briefings, comparing COVID-19 to the Vietnam War and the media’s coverage of the assault allegations against Joe Biden. Watch here:   Adam Guillette also joined Laura Ingraham on April 24 to […]

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A diseased progressive dream

Progressive ideas and global pandemics go together like a strain of COVID-19 and a mucous membrane. The media tries to look the other way, but one progressive policy after another has been found to be a major cause of the spread of the coronavirus. For decades, left-wing city planning experts have told us that sprawl […]

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Saving the media would destroy the media

There’s a new virus spreading through the halls of Congress — bailouts. First it was small businesses, then big businesses, then even federal agencies. The latest to put their hand out in a desperate attempt to grab taxpayer money is the media. Last week, a coalition of groups led by the News Media Alliance and […]

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Adam Guillette – Let’s Keep Score

Adam Guillette, President of Accuracy in Media, has a new piece published at ConservativeHQ,  keeping score on the worst of the establishment media’s lies and fake news. Another news outlet that is “winning” coronavirus is Newsweek. Over the weekend they published a hit piece on talk radio host Erik Erickson titled, “Conservative radio host Erik […]

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