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As 2021 comes to a close, Accuracy in Media is counting down the very worst media blunders from the year. Come back Monday to see the start of the worst of the worst.

2021 was a busy year for Accuracy in Media as a new Biden administration and Democrats tried to play “sleight of hand” to support their agenda. 

The press obliged, running cover more often than not for the Biden administration in stories that either stretched the truth or stretched the truth until it broke, resulting in some notable “bad media takes.”


Here are the top six honorable mentions from Accuracy in Media’s “bad media takes” of 2021. 


No. 6 Bloomberg: Americans Need to Learn to Live More Like Europeans

As the Biden administration has grown more desperate to blame the supply chain crisis — and inflation — on something, anything, that is beyond their control, one Bloomberg columnist dared to say what the Democratic Party always not-so-secretly thinks: Wouldn’t it be great if America was just like Europe? That would solve all our problems, right?

No. 5 Late Show: No Lockdowns Anymore

Oh, we wish it were true, but the Ariana Grande/James Corden musical piece on the end of Covid lockdowns was just a tad premature, as first the Delta variant and now the Omicron variant of the coronavirus have people feeling decidedly more locked-down now than they were previously. No lockdowns per se, we’ve been promised by Biden, but not back to normal yet, as we face Biden’s “Winter of Death”. 

No. 4  60 Minutes: The Deceptive DeSantis Edit

60 Minutes used a segment on its show to “expose” a supposed pay-to-play deal that Florida’s governor Ron DeSantis, who serves as the anti-Biden for the GOP, made with a local grocery store chain, Publix, to distribute the Covid vaccine. 

The problem? The story wasn’t true and 60 Minutes did what they could to cover for their lies by deceptively editing an interview with DeSantis.  

No. 3 New York Times changes entire narrative on Bill Gates

All it took was a little “me-tooism” for Bill Gates to turn from the Johnny Appleseed of vaccines in the eyes of the media to Bill Cosby, serial rapist overnight. What happened? Gates got divorced and suddenly the press, notably the New York Times, began to question the suitability of his romantic life, including his connection to accused pedophile Jeffery Epstein. 

N0. 2 CNN forced to drop Nazi contributor

There is no secret that some notable Democrats favor anti-Israeli elements in the Middle East who openly admire Hitler for killing Jews. And it’s also no secret that one of those people was named Adeel Raja, who worked as a CNN contributor for eight years. The cable giant was forced to drop him after a series of tweets showed him writing ‘Hail Hitler” and “Hitler was a German and he did good with those jews!” among other things. 

#1 New York Times lies about gas shortages

Once again desperate to cover up the incompetency of an administration that inherited cheap, reliable sources of oil, the New York Times tried to convince the world that there were no gas shortages in America under Joe Biden by simply writing it into existence — despite plenty of photographic evidence to the contrary. 

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