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Women Share Pregnancy Discrimination Stories to Support of Warren’s Debunked Claim

Although Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-Mass.) pregnancy discrimination story has been debunked, the mainstream media and Warren surrogates claimed that the conservative media’s “attack” on her story was unfounded. NBC News published an article, headlined [1], “Women rally in support of Elizabeth Warren by sharing their own pregnancy discrimination stories,” which offered a defense for Warren’s debunked story.

The article noted how “[a] flurry of blogs and online outlets” ran to Warren’s defense after her story was debunked, in addition to multiple social media posts supportive of Warren. NBC News also cited quotes from female Democratic Party lawmakers, such as Minnesota senator Amy Klobuchar (who is also vying for the 2020 presidential nomination and competing with Warren) and New York congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

NBC News admitted that a Washington Free Beacon scoop proved that Warren’s teaching job was extended for another year, despite her claims she was fired when news of her pregnancy was made known. Also, the media outlet cited a 2007 interview at the University of California-Berkeley that contradicted her pregnancy discrimination claim.

NBC News quickly pivoted back to Warren’s defense, quoting multiple Twitter accounts which shared stories about pregnancy discrimination, as well as Warren’s rebuttal to the claims she again falsified a story for political benefit. In particular, NBC News said some Warren defenders claimed that Warren was not forthcoming about pregnancy discrimination because it is “not always easy to discuss” it publicly.

But NBC News did not mention how Warren has a history of falsifying stories, such as her claim she was Native American. Until she publicized the results of her DNA test, she claimed that her opponents were smearing her for her family legacy. But when the DNA results proved she was not as Native American as she had claimed for years, she was forced to apologize for it.

Her pregnancy discrimination story, although it may be true, is another example of Warren’s propensity to editorialize her life’s story for a political narrative or to score political points. In the end, NBC News covered for her by not addressing her history of exaggerations and how it calls into question her integrity and honesty.