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Marc H. Rudov calls them the “fascist feminists.” These are the feminists in
the media and elsewhere who detest Sarah Palin because of her role as a
successful wife and mother and defender of the unborn. Palin’s decision to have
a Down syndrome child, when 90 percent of these children are being aborted in
the womb, has proven in dramatic terms not only that there are articulate
pro-life women in America but that there are women who will take a leadership
role on “culture of life” issues of concern to millions. And this one could be vice president
of the United States.

could be the story of our lifetimes, something that could be historical in
nature and a lesson for generations to come. 

the Palin pick, a loving and caring pro-life mother has been offered to the
American people and especially young women as a role model in the political
arena. An article distributed by Catholic News Service noted in a headline that Sarah Palin is a
politician who “lives her truth” and “walks the walk.” Don’t expect to see any
stories like this in the secular “progressive” media.

feminists and their allies in the media, who treat abortion as a human right,
when abortion destroys basic human rights, are on the defensive. Their vicious
attacks have already generated a backlash in her favor. But the controversy
goes far beyond Palin and the fate of those, now some 40 million, who have lost
their lives through abortion. What will we as a society do with the increasing
numbers of elderly Americans with health problems? Will they be directed into a
national health care plan that rations care, treatments or medicine?  

the culture war is back, and it is clear that most of the controversy over
Palin is being driven largely by feminists in the media. On MSNBC, a lesbian
feminist, Rachel Maddow, is leading the assault. She is the latest addition to
the far-left lineup at this poor excuse for a cable “news” channel.

intragender war marks the official unmasking of fascist feminism,” Rudov writes in his
insightful article on the website. Palin “rose from hockey
mom to state governor without affirmative action,” he notes, and has “proved
publicly that women can succeed without being victims.”

more, notes Rudov, “Sarah Palin has achieved success while expressing love and
admiration for her husband, anathema to the misandrist underpinning of
fascistic feminism.”

can never be forgiven for this. That is why she must be destroyed.

her role as a pro-life mother who loves her husband, Palin is a reminder to the
feminists that what they are screaming for in the battle for the right to
“choice” is not only a human life but in many cases a disabled child, one of
the most innocent and defenseless among us. 

George Will noted in a
, “Eugenics by Abortion,” abortion of Down syndrome children has
become part of an insidious quest for a “disability-free society.” Will has a
personal interest in this debate and has written about the ongoing attack in America
on a whole “category of citizens”―those with Down syndrome. The elderly could
be the next in line. After all, why else did Democratic Party moneybags George
Soros initiate a $45 million “Project on Death in America” and promote
and assisted suicide?

is a target and possibly in harm’s way because she is being perceived as
someone who can take a bold stand against George Soros and his nightmare vision
and turn the country around on such critical issues.

of her striking a chord with ordinary Americans is already starting to emerge.
Consider what happened in Washington
County, Pennsylvania,
when Palin and McCain traveled through on a campaign appearance.

John Shumway reported: “A local couple unexpectedly
got to meet Vice Presidential Candidate Gov. Sarah Palin and GOP Presidential
Nominee Sen. John McCain during their visit to Washington County
last weekend. They share something in common with Palin. They also have a child
with Down syndrome.  In a sea of smiling
faces at Consol Energy Park,
Kurt and Margie Kondrich, along with their daughter, Chloe, caught the
attention of the candidates.”

Margie was holding a sign that said, “We (Heart) Kids With Down

and Palin left the bus and met with the family. “They
just came up as warm as could be and said ‘Hi’ and they thanked us for coming,”
Kurt Kondrich said. Palin asked if she could hold Chloe.

Later, Palin brought down Trig, their child with Down syndrome,
from the bus. “I got to see him,” said Margie. “It was very emotional for me
but I was very proud of him and my daughter and I kissed him on his chubby little
face. I actually told her that her son was beautiful and that they would all be
fine and it’s a lot of work but they are very blessed with having a child with
Down Syndrome.”

Other than Shumway’s story on KDKA, I didn’t see this reported anywhere else. It
seemed like a story with a human touch.

perhaps you now understand that the media want to demonize, not humanize,
Palin. The hatred is showing through, but it is not having the desired effect.
Instead, people are reacting with admiration for a woman who has demonstrated
compassion and love in her life.

If you go to the Love and
Learning website
, you can learn more about how
parents are caring for and educating their disabled children. The language and learning development
materials help children with Down syndrome and other special needs reach their
potential. Kurt and Margie Kondrich tell part of their story there, too, and
there is a picture of Kurt holding Chloe.

George Will wrote about his own son, Jon, navigating Washington’s subway system to use his season
tickets to the Wizards basketball games. But when he was born in 1972, Will
recalls, “a time when an episode on a network television hospital drama
asserted that people with Down syndrome could not be toilet-trained,” the
hospital geneticist “asked Jon’s parents if they intended to take him home.”

Will added, “That
question is, surely, no longer asked when Down syndrome babies are born. But
there are modern pressures to prevent such babies from being born, pressures
that include the perfection-is-an-entitlement attitude of some expecting

In order to counter the
demands for abortion in these cases, Will mentions a bill, the Prenatally
Diagnosed Condition Awareness Act, whose purpose is “to increase the provision
of scientifically sound information and support services to patients” receiving
positive test diagnoses for Down syndrome, spina bifida and other conditions.

The bill, currently
known as S. 1810, is bipartisan, and it was introduced by Senator Sam
Brownback. But it has few co-sponsors. The House version, H.R. 3112, has only a
few as well. The measures get no significant media attention because they raise
questions about whether abortion is truly the right “choice” in those cases. 

Amid the partisan rancor
in Washington, D.C., might it be possible, in light of the
Palin pick, for Democrats and Republicans to pass this bill in quick order and
do something to provide information to parents and save lives?

All that they are asking
for is more information in order to make an informed judgment. Isn’t that what
“choice” is supposed to be all about?

Palin, of course, didn’t
need special information in order to make her “choice” to save Trig’s life. She
knew, as a mother, that the baby had rights that she could not and should not
take away.  She knew it was a subject not
above her pay grade.

In the days ahead, as
Charles Gibson of ABC and other media stars get their chance to interrogate the
Republican vice-presidential candidate, we will be hearing about her views on a
wide variety of issues. They may able to trip her up on something or other.

But she has already
demonstrated superior knowledge on an issue that is one of the most central of
our time.

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