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The Washington Post’s obsession with anti-vaxxers and Trump has reached Soviet levels of disinformation as has been pointed out by the House GOP in a tweet that highlights how the liberal press treats Republicans and Democrats by two different standards.

The tweet sets side-by-side two versions of vaccine history: The first is a story that tries to tie Trump to anti-vaccination groups because Trump makes the political argument that people are refusing the vaccine today, in part, because they don’t trust the government under President Joe Biden.

“People are refusing to take the vaccine because they don’t trust his Administration,” said Trump in a statement over the weekend.

Trump’s comments follow-up the comments made by Senator Bill Cassidy (R-LA) who said that when the administration lies about voting rights, calling GOP efforts to secure elections “Jim Crowe” laws, it weakens other efforts by the administration, like, for example, encouraging vaccinations.


Ignoring the fact that some might have reasonable objections to getting vaccinated that have nothing to do with politics, the Washington Post seems to have forgotten that the vaccines that have allowed the country to begin to re-open were created and first administered under President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed.

Anyone who has been vaccinated owes a debt of gratitude to the Trump administration for getting bureaucracy out of the way and speeding those vaccines along.

Not only did Warp Speed help allow researchers to get the vaccines to market faster, but is also committed the U.S. to help fund the vaccination effort by buying vaccines.

Far from discouraging vaccination, Trump agreed the federal government would buy nearly one billion doses of the various vaccines, more than enough to vaccinate the entire population of the U.S.

The Post also ignores similar comments that Biden made about not trusting any vaccine that was created under President Trump, an idea that the WaPost tried to popularize in their coverage of the campaign in the fall of 2020.

“Biden said Americans should trust a coronavirus vaccine developed under the Trump administration only if the president gives ‘honest answers’ to questions about its safety, effectiveness and equitable distribution,” wrote the Washington Post at the time.

It was a remarkably irresponsible thing to say and threw a shadow over the entire effort to create a safe and effective vaccine. And it wasn’t just Biden who said it. The entire liberal press was engaged in the same reckless behavior.

Had Biden lost, it’s likely the Left would still be attacking the vaccines.

And not just because it is an American success story, a success story of our free enterprise system, but because a Republican president named Trump was a huge factor in the warp-speed development and roll out.

It wasn’t the vaunted Cuban medical system that devised the vaccine, nor did the vaccines come from Bernie Sander’s beloved Scandanavian countries, nor China’s command economy.

The vaccines came from free enterprise.

It’s one of the most incredible stories of human achievement since the Moon Landing but the media looks the other way because it happened while a Republican was in the White House.


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