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Who’s Behind the Dean Money Machine?

Those writing the political obituary of Howard Dean have ignored the fact that he continues to tap the wealthy homosexual community for millions of dollars after doing their bidding in his home state of Vermont.

Dean, who has raised over $40 million, started a political action committee (PAC) called “Fund for a Healthy America,” which received some of its largest contributions “from prominent leaders in the gay community,” according to Thomas Edsall of the Washington Post.

One was billionaire homosexual David Bohnett, who founded the Geocities website. Another was Tim Gill, who started Quark, Inc., a computer software company now worth $500 million, and founded his own Gill Foundation. These men fund all the major homosexual groups, including some in Vermont.

PAC records list Dean’s appearance at a Gill Foundation “Outgiving conference” on May 17, 2002, as well as appearances at dozens of homosexual-related events, including a Democratic National Committee Gay and Lesbian Leadership Council Chairman’s Dinner. One official left the Gill Foundation to become a Dean adviser on homosexual issues.

The major media have noted that Dean receives support from the homosexual movement and signed the first state “civil union” law extending marriage benefits to homosexuals. They don’t mention that the original version of the bill included an age of acceptance of only 14, meaning that pedophile “man-boy” relationships could have been sanctioned by the state under certain circumstances. This backdoor effort to put boys in the hands of adult male homosexuals was eventually derailed by Vermont activist Brian Pearl, who ran for governor against Dean and protested the pending legalization of the sexual abuse of minors. This protest forced legislators to change the original version of the bill by raising the age of consent for a homosexual union.

Another untold story involves David Ayer, the chairman of the Washington County (Vermont) Republican Party, and activist Robert Orleck, who tried to enter a conference designed to expose young people from the public schools to state-funded homosexual advocacy organizations and dangerous homosexual practices. When Ayer and Orleck demanded access to the conference and were threatened with arrest, “We said they should call the police because an illegal activity was occurring in the classroom with students.”

Outright Vermont, one of the Dean-supported organizations active in the schools, was the target of a demonstration in October 2000 by concerned Vermonters who objected to its “misuse of tax money to print pornography” and its luring of students as young as 14 to “safer-sex parties” and “weekend retreats” where they experimented with homosexuality.

Pearl, Ayer, and researcher-and-investigator Laura Snyder held a news conference to draw critical attention to state-funded “outreach” efforts in “public sex environments,” or PSEs. These are public parks, highway rest-stops, and family picnic areas where homosexuals go to have anonymous sex. The Vermont State Police said they received over 100 complaints about activity at the sites, including public sex acts by homosexuals, illegal drug transactions, and the use of pornography. Truckers complained about homosexuals soliciting them for sex, causing traffic problems and even accidents.

While pushing the homosexual agenda, Dean claims an excellent record on protecting children in Vermont from sexual abuse. But pro-family groups cited a growing number of cases of sexual abuse and child pornography in Vermont and exemptions in state statutes allowing certain individuals and institutions to possess child pornography for “educational” or artistic purposes.

Kenneth Wooden of the anti-child molestation group, Child Lures Prevention, complains that, despite several attempts, “I have regretfully been unable to get Child Lures Prevention efforts initiated in my beloved home state of Vermont.” Wooden stated, “While former Governor Dean’s administration touted its success in lowering the incidence of sexual abuse by 35 percent, that decline only holds true for children 0-3 years old. All other sexual abuse is actually on the rise?”

Some might say all of this is irrelevant because Dean is no longer governor and is finished as a presidential candidate. But the CBS Market Watch wire service notes that, since the 1970s, every candidate in either party with the most money going into the primary season has won the nomination. James Campbell, a University of Buffalo political scientist, said, “Dean is virtually unstoppable. There might be some bumps in a road as there have been for other frontrunners, but it is very difficult to envision a scenario where he is denied the nomination.”

That means that Dean may very well have an opportunity to do to America what he did to Vermont. This is a story that has to be told.