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In advance of this week’s U.N. climate talks in Mexico, NBC’s fourth annual “Green Week” featured a November 19 documentary titled “Harmony” that showed Prince Charles calling for a new view of humanity’s relationship with the global environment. NBC’s promotion of his call for an understanding of “our interconnectedness” with nature ignored his bizarre crusade on behalf of a green version of Islam.

A press release described the NBC program as the result of an “unprecedented association” by NBC with Prince Charles.

Prince Charles, who says he has been placed on earth as future King “for a purpose” and to “save the world,” has also worked closely with the U.N., having attended the climate change conference in Copenhagen last December.

The title of the NBC program—and a book by the same name—was meant to emphasize Prince Charles’ “holistic” approach. “In the vein of Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth and Van Jones’ Green Collar Economy, Prince Charles presents the compelling case that solutions to our most dire crises—from climate change to poverty—lie in regaining a balance with the world around us,” says a blurb for the book version.

Jones was forced to resign his job as the “Green Jobs Czar” in the Obama Administration after information about his communist background was disclosed to the public by figures such as Glenn Beck of Fox News.

Interestingly, the Prince Charles book is published by Harper Collins, a subsidiary of News Corporation, the parent of Fox News.

As detailed by Mark Musser, who wrote the book Nazi Oaks, Prince Charles’ June 8, 2010, call for a western pantheistic religious synthesis with Islam to help save the world is dangerously naïve. Musser is an expert on how totalitarian ideologies such as Nazism have used environmentalism in an effort to subordinate individual freedom to state control.

We asked Musser for his thoughts on NBC’s Prince Charles program. He said, “The push for holism invariably leads to green totalitarianism.  Harmony and holism makes man a slave to Nature.  Nature becomes man’s dictator, and the greens will come in alongside to help this process out.”

He went on, “It is also a farce that the green way of life is cheaper. It is always more expensive because it has to be subsidized even more than the farming subsidies we have now, and those windmills in the background throughout the show are of course heavily subsidized.  Not only that but they are full of oil, and killed well over 200,000 birds in America alone last year.  The gulf oil spill only killed 1,300 birds in comparison.”

Musser, a pastor, added, “Man has never been called to have communion or harmony with nature, but to rule, subdue and fill it—all the while having communion with God in the process (Genesis 1-3). The pollution problem comes in because of man’s sin, and will never be eradicated until sin is stopped. Also, saving nature is actually more impossible than saving men from their sins. Greens always latch on to insoluble problems and use it against us. Harmony with nature is a myth. This idea needs to be attacked. If people stop believing in the harmony with nature, the greens are out of a job.”

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