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Headlines are again flooded with the ghosts of Jeffrey Epstein’s past as reports surface of his alleged co-conspirator Ghislaine Maxwell’s arrest. Speculation on tapes and testimonies surrounds her being in custody, which raises whether this story is a conspiracy or coverup — and if so, for whom. 

There is no denying that Epstein hobnobbed with a large “black book” of society’s elites, including Presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump. Only now, the news coverage shows a display of who the outlets want the public to pay attention to. Both presidents have ties to Epstein, but there is a stark difference in how the media is portraying those relationships.

Throughout coverage of the story, the media’s hunger to expose Trump has far outweighed the desire to keep the Epstein story buried.

Yahoo News published the headline, “How did Jeffrey Epstein and Donald Trump know each other?” Compare this another headline Yahoo published: “Bill Clinton ‘knows nothing’ about Jeffrey Epstein’s terrible crimes.”  

Other recent headlines do not indicate that Bill Clinton flew on Epstein’s private plane 26 times or that Trump banned Epstein from his hotel

Elle titled a recent article “How Exactly Is Alleged Sex Trafficker Jeffrey Epstein Connected To President Trump?” and solely covers stories about Trump and Epstein partying together.  CNN reported that “Bill Clinton knew nothing of Epstein’s crimes” while obsessing over a photo crop. These articles portray two tales of coverage.

The Epstein saga’s history of corruption, conspiracy and coverups has been ongoing since 2005 when the first accusations were reported. Epstein’s reign of terror went seemingly under the radar through both the Bush and Obama administrations. 

It wasn’t until Trump appointed the U.S Attorney overseeing his case in 2009 that media outlets started covering the story at a national level. This is when the world took notice

Reports about the media burying Epstein’s indiscretions for almost a decade are starting to arise. From leaked footage of ABC News anchor Amy Robach’s admitting to burying the Epstein story to ex-Vanity Fair reporter Vicky Ward being forced to not report the victim interviews on Epstein — it is clear there was a concerted effort to keep his story hidden. 

The story did not stay hidden, however – but articles on it indicate it was not a push for justice but a push for points against Trump.

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