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Washington Post journalist Amy Goldstein made clear she supports former President Barack Obama’s health care policies and disagrees with the Trump administration’s health care reforms in her article, “New insurance guidelines would undermine rules of the Affordable Care Act.”

“According to new advice issued by Trump administration health officials, states would be free to redefine the use of ACA subsidies, which have provided the first help the government has ever offered consumers to afford monthly insurance premiums,” writes Goldstein, who calls Obamacare “President Barack Obama’s preeminent domestic accomplishment.” Yet Goldstein didn’t mention that many states have seen double-digit spikes in insurances prices as a result of Obamacare regulations, not citing any data about the increases, calling it simply a “talking point.”

“Verma reiterated an administration talking point that insurance rates have escalated since the ACA was passed and that health-plan choices within ACA marketplaces have dwindled,” Goldstein writes. “However, the current ACA enrollment period, lasting until mid-December, is different from previous ones because prices for the most popular tier of coverage have stabilized in many places and more insurers are taking part in the marketplaces.”

Goldstein said Seema Verma, President Trump’s choice to lead the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), delivered a “broadside,” against Obamacare in a recent speech without noting that many people lost their doctors after Obamacare was implemented–contrary to Obama’s promise otherwise.

Goldstein calls the CMS guidelines allowing plans to be more affordable “skimpier plans.”

“Under the new guidelines, states could allow the subsidies to be used for health plans the administration has been promoting that are less expensive and provide skimpier benefits and fewer consumer protections,” Goldstein writes. “Even more dramatically, states could let residents with employer-based coverage set up accounts in which they mingle the federal subsidies with health-care funds from their job to use for premiums or other medical expenses.”

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