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The Washington Post praised the Never Trump movement’s planned political convention to resist the re-election of President Donald Trump, but it failed to mention financial issues plaguing one of its key leaders.

The newspaper headlined the Never Trump movement’s announcement, “Never Trumpers will host their own Republican convention during the RNC.” The Washington Post announced that the Never Trumpers’ Convention on Founding Principles will run at the same time as the 2020 Republican National Committee’s convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. The article quoted Evan McMullin, the Never Trump movement’s 2016 presidential candidate, but it did not mention the financial issues plaguing his defunct campaign.

McMullin’s presidential campaign has $670,000 in debt. His report filing with the Federal Election Commission showed that he owed six companies for his short-lived campaign. Additionally, campaign sources told the media that McMullin allegedly refused to pay former campaign staffers and vendors. None of this information made it into the Washington Post’s article.

Instead, the Washington Post emphasized certain information about McMullin, such as how his “last-minute” campaign garnered 0.5 percent of the vote and that he “launched Stand Up Republic” after the 2016 election. The newspaper also mentioned how a recent press conference for the Never Trump movement had 300 attendees and had to move into a bigger room to accommodate the crowd.

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