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Washington Post Journalists Outline Plan to Attack Trump

The Washington Post laid out its blueprint for how it plans to attack President Trump in the 2020 elections, serving up a lengthy speculative psychoanalysis of his CPAC speech, [1] editorializing and calling him a “fabulist,” a “bully,” and a “polarizing cultural figure,” and accusing him of “fearmongering.”

“In one speech, President Trump showcased 10 distinct personas,” The Post wrote in a promotional email about the article and accompanying videos. “From fighter to victim, we cataloged them all.”

Even though the Post’s piece included four journalists from the newsroom (as opposed to the editorial page), the article was full of subjective opinion rather than mere reporting.

“Trump took the CPAC stage after a stretch of global failures: the collapse of nuclear talks with North Korea; record high trade deficits and signs of a slowing economy; a surge in illegal immigration; and an unbuilt border wall that is unfunded after a lost standoff with Democrats in Congress,” the Post editorialized. “The spectacle showcased Trump in his purest form, an unconventional politician who drives opponents to madness and acolytes to glee. The businessman-turned-reality-TV-star-turned-politician inhabited multiple personas in the space of a single speech — often intertwined and at a dizzying clip — from entertainer to fighter, from fabulist to bully.”

“He exaggerated and ballyhooed his record,” the Post further editorialized. “He riddled his remarks with contradictions, shoddy statistics and falsehoods. And he embroidered it all with a fake Southern accent, curse words and bouts of extravagant pantomime …Then, there was the fearmongering. The president who has made illegal immigration a centerpiece of his agenda painted a dangerous and harrowing portrait of life at the U.S.-Mexico border, claiming, for instance, that asylum-seeking mothers give their daughters ‘massive amounts of birth control pills’ because they know their daughters will get raped in transit.”