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The Washington Post issued a correction on its reporting about a U.S. House vote on the “whistleblower” complaint, backpedaling from the Post’s original claim that the House had “rebuked” the Trump White House. The walkback is fitting with conservatives’ concerns that the national media is not treating the Trump administration fairly in its coverage of Democratic allegations about President Donald Trump’s conversation with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky.

“Correction: House backs resolution calling for release of whistleblower report. The resolution does not rebuke the administration,” the Post stated in its correction to a previous news alert. “The House on Wednesday approved a non-binding resolution calling for the immediate release of the whistleblower’s report on President Trump’s call with the Ukrainian president to the House and Senate intelligence committees to be reviewed ‘in a deliberate and bipartisan manner consistent with applicable statutes and processes.’ An earlier version of this alert incorrectly said the resolution rebuked White House efforts to block release of the report.”

In its haste to claim that the House had “rebuked” the White House, the Post ignored its own reporting about the House’s resolution draft.

“An earlier version of the resolution drafted by Democrats criticized the ‘unprecedented and highly inappropriate efforts’ by the White House to question the whistleblower’s credibility,” the Post reported. “But in order to gain bipartisan support House leaders instead agreed to replace it with language matching a bipartisan Senate resolution that was adopted unanimously Tuesday. The resolution was overwhelmingly approved by members of both parties, 421 to 0, with two lawmakers voting present.”

Buried late deep into the Post’s coverage was this note that basically negated the entire premise of the House’s action: “The vote was ultimately moot: The Trump administration transmitted the whistleblower’s complaint to Congress shortly before to the vote and members of the Intelligence committees had a chance to review it.”

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