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The Washington Post’s coverage of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s visit to D.C. today failed to mention a litany of evidence against the tech giant for anti-conservative bias.

In a lengthy article about Zuckerberg’s itinerary, the Post’s “The Technology 202” writer Cat Zakrzewski in passing mentioned Facebook’s “alleged anti-conservative bias,” writing that “Trump also hosted a ‘Social Media Summit’ at the White House earlier this year, where he did not invite the [major tech] companies but instead a cast of conservative provocateurs who have accused the companies of anti-conservative bias. The companies have repeatedly denied such a slant.”

Zakrzewski failed to mention the substantive allegations by conservatives laid out by former Sen. Jon Kyl (Neb.), including its content policies, ad policies, ad enforcement policies, viewpoint diversity problems within its workforce, algorithm and distribution policies. The Post also didn’t mention the 2016 claim and subsequent meeting with conservative media leaders over allegations that there was anti-conservative bias in Facebook’s “Trending Topics” newsfeed.

Zakrzewski didn’t mention that conservatives, like vloggers Diamond and Silk, prominent supporters of President Donald Trump with a huge, viral social media following, have been labeled “unsafe for the community” by Facebook. Zuckerberg was asked about this type of labeling during previous congressional testimony and was criticized by many conservatives for his dismissiveness and lack of knowledge on the topic.

Zakrzewski also failed to mention, as GovPredict reported, that “Since 2008, 88 percent of Facebook employee contributions to federal committees have gone to Democrats, and 12 percent to Republicans ($3,439,469 vs. $471,882, respectively) … Since 2014, 100 percent of Facebook employee contributions to partisan 527 organizations have gone to Democrats … [Facebook COO] Sheryl Sandberg made a $416,000 contribution to the Hillary Victory Fund ’16 cycle. Instagram founder Kevin Systrom made a $100,000 contribution to the Hillary Victory Fund in the ’16 cycle.”

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