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The Washington Post continued a mainstream media approach to attack the president’s leadership style in negative terms, describing him as full of “rage,” “hostile,” and “fixated” and that he “lashed out at the government’s most senior intelligence leaders Wednesday, his latest assault on the spies and analysts who work for him.”

Washington Post reporters Shane Harris and John Wagner relied on anonymous sourcing and projected their own psychoanalysis onto Trump while leaving out key factors influencing Trump’s approach to foreign policy.

“Trump has fixated on Iran’s suspended nuclear weapons program,” opine Harris and Wagner. “Administration officials have pressed intelligence analysts on why they believe Iran is in compliance with the nuclear agreement and questioned whether there is additional information that would show Tehran is violating its terms, according to current and former officials with knowledge of conversations between the administration and intelligence officials.”

Harris and Wagner don’t mention that a big part of President Trump’s opposition to the Iranian nuclear deal is because under the terms, sanctions were lifted that allowed Iran to bankroll terrorist activity throughout the Middle East, including Lebanon, Yemen and Syria. Harris and Wagner also fail to mention that President Trump is wary of Iran’s existential threat to Israel.

Instead, Harris and Wagner quote an anonymous source:

“‘He doesn’t like the deal because Obama made it,’ one U.S. official said. Trump’s attack had less to do with the substance of the intelligence agencies’ conclusions than it did with undermining public confidence in the agencies themselves as neutral purveyors of information, the official said.”

Harris and Wagner are fixated on the idea that President Trump doesn’t like the Iranian nuclear deal simply because former President Obama made the deal, yet they fail to mention that under the terms of the original deal itself has a sunset provision–that means Iran would be empowered to obtain nuclear weapons under the Obama deal.

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