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John McCain won’t talk about Barack Obama’s racist Reverend Jeremiah Wright, an
adviser to Obama for 20 years. This may be a factor in McCain losing the
election. But the McCain campaign has done a few ads about Obama associate Bill
Ayers. These ads, as well as the media coverage of the “radical” Ayers, fail to
tell the human story of the carnage and suffering that Ayers and his wife,
Bernardine Dohrn, inflicted on innocent people. 

even more scandalous than the relationship with Ayers and Dohrn, members of the
communist terrorist Weather Underground, was Obama’s association as a young man
with a Communist sex pervert, Frank Marshall Davis. Rush Limbaugh mentioned
this on the air on his Tuesday radio show. It is a story that has the potential
to change the course of the presidential campaign.

terms of the Bill Ayers controversy, Police Sergeant Brian
V. McDonnell
was one of the victims of the Weather Underground, a group
that took direction
from Castro’s intelligence service
, the DGI.  McDonnell was only 45 years old and it took
two days for him to die from the injuries caused by the shrapnel in the bomb
that was reportedly planted by Dohrn.

one of the officers under the command of Sgt. McDonnell has come forward to
describe what happened on the terrible day that the bomb went off.  

February 16, 1970, my partner and I were on the 1700 block of Haight St., in
San Francisco, Calif., when a bomb went off at Park
Police Station, where I was assigned,” says retired San Francisco Police Department
Sergeant James R. Pera. “My partner and I were the first car
on the scene and the first sight that we saw, upon arrival in the parking lot
of the station, was a friend of ours getting up off the ground.
His partner was still on the ground, propped up on one arm and dazed. They had
been blown to the ground by the concussion of the bomb that had been placed on
the window sill of the station…”

goes on, “Sergeant McDonnell’s Police Car, which was placed between the window
sill, where the bomb was, and the car that my two fellow policemen
were preparing to get into, took the brunt of the blast and saved
them from death. The inside of the station looked like it had been hit by
a couple of hand grenades, windows shattered, blood on
the pock-marked walls and dazed cops wandering around disoriented. The
bomb was so powerful that fragments, which consisted of barbed wire fence
post staples, were found on the roof of Polytechnic High School
which was located across Kezar Stadium and Frederick St., approximately two blocks
away. Polytechnic
High School was three
stories high. It has since been replaced by a housing complex.”

points out that the evidence, which has been covered
extensively by Accuracy in Media
, implicates Dohrn directly in placing the
bomb and Ayers in knowledge of the bombing. Still, they have never been

and Dohrn, you see, are husband and wife and can’t be compelled to testify
against one another. The evidence of their involvement came from an FBI informant
in the Weather Underground. His testimony, given before Congress, would be
dismissed by clever Marxist lawyers as “hearsay.” Murder charges would have to
be based on other, possibly forensic, evidence. It is never too late to bring
murder charges in this case.  

spent two days in the hospital trying to recover. In the end, he died from the

as Pera points out, “Ayers and his wife Dohrn enjoy a comfortable life in Chicago and he is
employed as a college professor. They are beneficiaries of a lifestyle afforded
to them and made possible by the same government that they sought to destroy.
How ironic. Furthermore, Ayers has been a highly visible figure in community
organizing in Chicago.
He has been an ally and indeed a friend of political figures. One such figure,
Barack Obama, even had his first campaign for public office, to the Illinois
State Legislature, launched in Ayers living room.”

believes that Barack Obama owes the public a full and complete explanation of
his association with Ayers and Dohrn. He’s clearly not interested in stories
about Ayers doing charitable work in the field of “education reform” and being
a “citizen of the year” in Chicago.

the same time, in another major scandal involving Obama, the tabloid National
Enquirer has seized upon the Frank Marshall Davis story in its October 20
issue. It glosses over his Communist Party membership and focuses instead on
his role as sex pervert, pedophile, pornographer and mentor to Obama. This “exclusive” was actually broken wide open by my group America’s
Survival, Inc. weeks ago. Andrew Walden of the Hawaii Free Press, an expert on
the history and influence of the Communist Party in Hawaii,
obtained and examined Davis’s
Sex Rebel book. Before that, Toby
Harnden of the London Daily Telegraph had written a story about the book and Davis. “Mr. Davis would
cruise in Hawaii
parks looking for couples or female tourists to have sex with. He derived
sexual gratification from bondage, simulated rape and being flogged and
urinated on,” Harnden

have to wonder, of course, whether an Enquirer story is true or not. This one
is definitely true. There is no question that Davis wrote Sex Rebel under a pseudonym. Some excerpts of the Sex Rebel book are available on my
website. Caution: the material is for adults only.

Rush Limbaugh mentioned this matter on the air on his Tuesday show, some others
in the conservative media are unwilling to cover it. Bill O’Reilly in
particular seems fearful of getting into it. On other occasions, however, Fox
News is eager and willing to cover sex scandals. 

of course, can’t be held responsible for the fact that his grandfather, Stanley
Dunham, turned him over to an admitted child molester at the tender age of 10
for guidance. But it is a fact that Davis
was his mentor. Not even Obama supporters dispute this anymore. Basic
journalism would dictate, therefore, asking why Obama only referred to Davis in one of his books as “Frank” and what influence he
had over Obama during eight formative years of his life in Hawaii. Was Davis Obama’s sex teacher? Did
he influence Obama to take liberal views on such matters as homosexuality and
abortion? This possibility makes the Davis-Obama relationship one of national
political importance.

exactly happened in Davis’s
home? We know from the record that Davis and Dunham drank alcohol and smoked
pot together. Obama admits drinking with Davis
as well and going on to smoke marijuana and use cocaine. What else happened
between them besides listening to Davis’s

terms of shaping Obama’s world view, Davis
may have had as much influence as Wright. Indeed, both Davis and Wright
expressed anti-white views and sentiments, and that linkage is significant. It
connects Hawaii to Chicago.

sex part makes some people squirm. We don’t want to consider the implications.
But Obama is running for the office of president of the United States.
We are supposed to have the right to know.

Davis led “a secret double
life,” the online version of the Enquirer story notes. True. But the story also
notes that “Obama has been extremely secretive about
the true nature of his experience with the self-admitted deviant.”
This is also true. And this is why this terribly troubling story just won’t go
away. There are too many questions that deserve answers.

One has to wonder if there is anything in Obama’s medical records
that may shed light on any of this. But while McCain made available to selected
press people more than one thousand pages of his medical records, in order to
reassure the public about the effects of his age, war injuries, and battle with
cancer, Obama hasn’t released a single page. Instead, a sympathetic doctor
merely released a
276-word “summary,”
claiming he was in excellent health. This came after the
Boston Globe reported that the Obama campaign had announced “plans to release
his medical records” at the end of May. So much for truth and candor.

Obama appears to be vigorous and in good health. But others say
that he appears frail and thin. He has admittedly fought a nicotine addiction
and been a secret smoker and says he quit illegal drugs when he was 20. In
terms of family history, Obama’s mother died at the age of 52 because of
ovarian cancer.

A one-page summary, of course, has been enough to satisfy the
pro-Obama media, despite the broken campaign promise to release the records

If the truth about Obama and his associates is ever going to come
out, it will have to come in response to increasing demands for the facts from
the American people. The problem is that, as more is known and discovered, more
questions emerge.

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