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Despite the fact President Trump’s daughter, son-in-law/trusted adviser and grandchildren are Jewish and that he has moved the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem and emerged as the most pro-Israel president in decades, the mainstream media continued to insist he had incited the violence that occurred in Pittsburgh on Saturday.

The Washington Post wrote in its headline: “Trump, GOP defiant amid allegations that incendiary rhetoric contributed to climate of violence” by Robert Costa and Felicia Sonmez.

To underscore, the lead reads: “President Trump and his Republican allies remained defiant Sunday amid allegations from critics that Trump’s incendiary attacks on political rivals and racially charged rhetoric on the campaign trail bear some culpability for the climate surrounding a spate of violence in the United States.”

The president has “faced calls to tone down his public statements” – in some cases from rivals, such as Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., who have directly suggested violence against Trump and his allies in government.

But he has “signaled that he will do no such thing – berating Tom Steyer, a target of a mail bomb sent by a Trump supporter, as a ‘crazed and stumbling lunatic’ on Twitter, after Steyer said on CNN that Trump and the Republican Party have created an atmosphere of ‘political violence.’”

What Costa and Sonmez called the “GOP’s defensive posture” came as “Trump allies sought to shift blame to others, including media figures and Democratic leaders, arguing that recent attempts by liberal protesters to challenge GOP officials in public were perhaps more responsible for the national unrest than the president’s combative politics or the rise of conspiracy theories on the right.”

It was those conspiracy theories that “have driven the suspects behind the bombs sent to Democratic officials and the mass shooting Saturday at a Pittsburgh synagogue.” Never mind that the shooter professed to hate Trump because he allowed “the kike infestation” of government to continue.

The story goes on to suggest the Trump administration has been anti-Semitic because it has criticized leftist financier George Soros, who is Jewish.  

“Mentions of Jewish influence have infused other conservative critiques of the migrants in bigger forums, such as the Fox Business Network, where a guest falsely stated in an interview with host Lou Dobbs on Thursday that the migrants are being funded by the ‘Soros-occupied State Department,’ a reference to Democratic donor George Soros, who is Jewish.

Soros has been “a regular feature” in Republican attack ads for the midterm elections, “even after a bomb was found in his mailbox last week. Trump has also accused Soros, without evidence, of paying for protesters at his rallies.” There was plenty of evidence Soros paid protesters to disrupt the Brett Kavanaugh hearings.

The Post quoted Anthony Scaramucci, who was communications director in the White House for fewer than 10 days, as evidence that some of Trump’s allies said “he needs to do more to set the tone for the country and heal divisions rather than knocking the Democrats and others.”

It went on to say that, for the most part, “Republicans refused to accept responsibility for the flashes of violence that have become a national crisis.”

It points to Rep. James Lankford (R-Okla.), who was pressed on a Sunday talk show to say that Trump’s use of the term “globalist” was itself anti-Semitic. “The term … has long been a euphemism for Jewish people among white nationalists and anti-Semites.”  

The Post then all but suggested Republicans’ refusal to accept blame for a shooting by a virulently anti-Republican man should figure in how people vote.

“The GOP positioning comes as the party is facing an electoral reckoning on Nov. 6 in which its congressional majorities are at risk, in particular dozens of suburban congressional districts where unease with Trump has put GOP-held seats in play.”

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