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After all the dubious accusations, after the HBO documentary, after Ronan Farrow and the #MeToo assassination movement’s collapse, after all this time, is it possible that filmmaker Woody Allen didn’t molest his adopted daughter, Dylan Farrow?

Legendary character actor Wallace Shawn thinks so.

“I’ve followed the case: I’ve read quite a bit about it, I saw the documentary trying to substantiate Dylan’s story and I don’t believe that this happened,” Shawn says.

The allegation has been investigated repeatedly – but in the media, not in court. Allen has never once been charged with a crime in a court of law. But he has been tried and found guilty by many in the Hollywood woketopia, and has been blacklisted by the likes of Selena Gomez, Timothee Chalamet, Kate Winslet, Michael Caine and Rebecca Hall, who all have said they will never work with Allen again.

Amazon dumped its multi-film contract with Allen.

The fact that auteur Allen was even being paid by billionaire Bezos is, in and of itself a comedy of errors.

Coming from Hollywood, blacklisting Allen is more than ironic. Tinseltown still acts like it’s suffering under the old Hays Code even though censorship is long gone (unless you shoot a film in China, or want your film to sell well in China, in which case Disney leads Hollywood’s voluntary self-censorship and then credits the censors as it did in the live-action Mulan film).

The industry still wallows in the injustice of the 1950s blacklists that kept writers, actors, and other entertainment professionals from working if anyone accused them of being communists or sympathizing with the Soviet totalitarian monsters.

Last year’s “Being the Ricardos” spun around a McCarthy-esque theme while the upcoming “McCarthy” takes direct aim at the Republican senator.

Yes, innocent until proven guilty should have mattered then. It should also matter now.

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