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Vox gave rave reviews of Bernie Sanders’ talk on socialism at George Washington University and offered no balance in describing President Trump as embodying authoritarianism. Vox also ignored the fact that Sanders supporters who crossed over to support President Trump in 2016 may have carried President Trump to victory in key swing states.

“Four months into his second presidential campaign, Sanders took the stage at George Washington University to make his clearest case for democratic socialism,” wrote Vox’s Tara Golshan. “It was a case he made in 2015, too, at a speech down the road at Georgetown University, but it appears the moment has caught up to his argument …In 2016, Sanders said he would start a ‘political revolution,’” “As I wrote at the launch of Sanders’s 2020 campaign, it’s hard to overstate the influence his first presidential campaign — which railed against corporate greed, economic inequality, and money’s influence in politics — has had on Democratic politics today.”

Without any nuance or alternative voice, Golshan quotes Sanders describing authoritarians that “suppress dissent, they are cracking down on democracy and human rights,” and then directly ties that to President Trump–without any supporting evidence.

“Sanders hasn’t changed his vision for America,” Golshan continues, setting up her fear mongering. “But the world around him has. He’s not just fighting the corporatist wing of the Democratic Party he was in 2016, he’s also fighting what he sees as a global rise in authoritarianism, one embodied by Trump in the United States. Suddenly, the issues he once strained to fit in his narrative — from social injustice to foreign policy — are on his home turf.”

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