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Vox published a slanted, sexist, male-hating interview with E. Jean Carroll, who claimed that “We should just get rid of men. That would solve all of our problems.” Vox allowed Carroll to repeat her baseless accusations of against of sexual assault President Trump, a journalistic failure given that Carroll offered no proof, evidence to support her extraordinary claim.

By failing to answer the most basic journalistic questions needed for factual journalism, Vox continues to perpetuate the understanding that the national media has no respect for conservatives when it comes to due process and responsible reporting.

Carroll conveniently timed the release of her new book with a public claim against President Trump, even admitting to Vox that she hoped that the accusations would erode his political support. Yet Vox stated that Carroll couldn’t even remember if that alleged assault occurred  “in 1995 or 1996.”

“I don’t know, because [more than a dozen] women have come forward with allegations against the president, and not one thing has changed, not one thing,” Carroll told Vox’s Anna North. “As a matter of fact, the president’s base — the more women that come out, the more they adore him. I took a risk because I thought it would help [other women] if I came forward. I’m glad I did. Women are coming up and showing enormous support and love, and it feels great. It remains to be seen on whether I affected his base.”

Vox unquestioningly allowed Carroll to state “Just hearing women tell stories about why they don’t need men would remind me of the men in my own life,” a line that if applied to women would be deemed deeply misogynistic and repressive.

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