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Vox Offers No Alternative to Narrative Trump Caused Immigrant Deaths

Vox Media offered no voice [1] to offer additional perspective on the tragic deaths of two illegal immigrants who died at the hands of violent Mexican criminals and self-inflicted hanging.

“They weren’t American citizens. Maybe an America Firster would say that meant America bore no responsibility for their lives,” wrote Vox’s Dara Lind.

“But America absolutely bears responsibility for their deaths … These deaths were avoidable. They would not have happened if different policy choices had been made. But the Trump administration has made its choices, and the consequences should be known.”

Under the headline “People are dying because of the Trump administration’s immigration policy” Lind ties the suicide of Marco Antonio Muñoz to the Trump administration even though the family separation policies began under the Obama administration.

Muñoz, a Honduran immigrant, reportedly committed suicide after he was separated from his wife and 3-year-old son by immigration authorities. Like other media figures [2], Lind makes no mention of the Obama administration’s approach to family separation.

Instead, Lind decides to conjecture: “Under any previous administration — or even in the first months of this administration — a family with a 3-year-old child, presenting themselves to a Border Patrol officer and requesting asylum, would not have been considered a priority for detention. Most likely, they would have been interviewed to determine if their fear of returning to Honduras was credible, and then released (perhaps with an ankle bracelet) while their asylum cases were pending before a judge.”

Without reporting the exact details behind the reason for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement decision to deport illegal immigrant Manuel Antonio Cano Pacheco, Lind prefers to say that Pacheco“unspecified crime” meant he was still eligible to stay in the United States. Lind also implies that Pacheco, who reportedly arrived in America as a child and was a Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals recipient, died because of Trump rather than the Mexican criminals who slit his throat.

Lind also downplays Pacheco’s conviction of a DUI in the United States, which put lives at risk. Lind offers no context about DACA overall, which conservative voices both within and without of the Trump administration argue was an unconstitutional, illegal usurpation of legislative authority by the Obama administration.