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Vox attacked the Trump administration in reporting on the Supreme Court taking up whether the federal government can put a citizenship question on the U.S. Census, repeatedly implying that the Trump administration was animated by racist motives, even though as the Wall Street Journal reported,“Most advanced democracies ask for citizenship information in censuses, a United Nations-recommended best practice.”

Vox writer Dara Lind questions Trump administration’s truthfulness, setting up the implication that it is inherently racist because it wants to ask about citizenship in the Census.

“Why did the Trump administration add a citizenship question to the Census?” Lind asks. “It depends on whether you take the administration at its word or not. No one is disputing that the Trump administration has the authority to add questions to the census. What was at issue was the way the Trump administration went about making the decision …That raises the question of what the Trump administration’s real motive was. Many Trump critics see it as another obvious case of Trumpist racism, or a deliberate attempt to screw over blue states by weakening their Census response rates.”

And even though Lind reports that the U.S. Supreme Court is not considering whether the Trump administration had “racial animus” in its decision, she just can’t help herself by bringing race up repeatedly throughout the article. This in spite of the basic fact that citizenship status is not a race.

“As many questions as the Supreme Court is considering Tuesday, there’s one it’s leaving out: whether Secretary Ross was motivated by ‘racial animus’ in adding a citizenship question, violating the Constitutional guarantee of ‘equal protection under law,” Lind writes.

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