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Not to put too fine a point on it, but Vox and their legal writer Ian Millhiser are incorrigible, yet active, 19th century bigots.

They aren’t just the narrow-minded, progressive gadflies that have become too common in lefty journalism, currently hoping for a federal bailout from Biden’s Build Back Better plan that would provide federal funding for journalism.

No, they are the types of people who in the olden days put on white pointy hats, heavy robes and assigned themselves sophomoric titles like grand imperial wizard while riding out at midnight to harass, injure and even kill the defenseless.

As bigots go, they are go-getters.

What else can you say about people who seem so threatened by a parent taking tax money collected to pay for “free” education, and using it as a voucher at any one of a number of superior educational institutions offered by religious denominations that they resort to actively supporting 19th-century laws written by incorrigible bigots who literally burned down churches?

Millhiser calls the pending Supreme Court decision that might do away with restrictions that prohibit parents from using money on private, religious schools another transformative victory for the religious right” and “likely to blow a significant new hole in the wall separating church and state.

Getting past the fear-mongering of Millhiser — who stops short of lamenting that Christians might one day marry his daughter if the decision goes against the bigots — if the Supreme Court decision goes in favor of allowing parents some choice in education, including a religious education, it’s long overdue in the country.

It will effectively gut the various Blaine Amendment laws first passed in the 1870s – and others that came latter, which as a documented historical fact were created by incorrigible bigots, including the KKK, to discriminate against Catholics in America according to the U.S. Commission Civil Rights.

Again, these are documented historical facts.

Remember the “No Irish Need Apply” signs?

Yeah, the people who put out signs like that were the people who supported the Blaine Amendment and all the bigoted laws that came after it that are at issue in this case.

These laws were first aimed at Irish, then aimed at Italians and today used quite effectively against Hispanics and other immigrant groups too.

That these laws still exist just shows us that whatever else progress has been made in tolerance in our country, it still doesn’t include tolerance of thought and opinion.

And not tolerating free thought and opinion is one of the things that Vox and the bigots do best.

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